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Rose Moran Yoga is a Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition


I've been a Pilates teacher for 30 years. I went to Rose after I 
noticed some positive changes in one of my long-time clients. My 
client told my about Foundation Training and invited me to join her 
for a class. I did and loved not only the work, but Rose's 
extraordinary teaching. Rose is able to challenge me while making sure 
that I am not putting myself at risk. Her in depth body knowledge and 
sense makes me feel safe. I knew right away I was in good hands and 
could trust my body with her. The work challenges my balance while it 
strengthens my entire body. I love the way it opens and relaxes my 
upper body. I leave each session feeling centered, stretched, and 
strengthened. Because Rose is intuitive and listens well to her 
client's needs, I would feel confident recommending her to anyone.

Andrea, Studio City, CA

May 2020

Like many avid golfers I had constant low level pain in my lower back. I tried all sorts of methods to fix it but nothing worked and I assumed I would just have to keep playing through the pain. Foundation Training fixed me after several sessions with Rose. I've continued training with Rose for over a year and the pain seems to be gone for good. But Foundation Training is much more than a quick fix. My posture is improved, I've learned a lot about breath control and I'm far more flexible than I've ever been. Rose is a funny, a bossy teacher with a deep understanding of the human body and how to improve it using Foundation and yoga.

Mr. Mack A. Sherman Oaks , CA

Mack. Sherman Oaks, CA

I have been attending foundation training classes from Rose for over a year now, she is a wonderful teacher she makes me feel good about my self and has helped me improve and be aware of my posture. She is a great teacher and very patient. I would highly recommend her to be my teacher in any class she was teaching.

Love her she is great 😍


Sally, Los Angeles CA

April 29th 2020

A friend and I started seeing Rose about a year ago for Foundation Training. We are in our late mid ages and both were worried about our posture and our tendency to slouch and about general weakness in our core areas. Rose’s knowledge of the body and her keen intuition about what people need to help them get stronger blew me away from day one.  She teaches with expertise, humor, and compassion.  I’ve now incorporate her training into all aspects of my life, from working at my desk, to standing, walking and lifting.  I’m convinced, it is not gray hair or wrinkles that ages us, but our posture.  If you want to feel stronger and stand straighter, I highly recommend making an appointment to see Rose (on line during our stay at home orders and in person as our lives resume normalcy.)  In the meantime, chest up, chin back, back of the neck long!

Andrea, Sherman Oaks CA.

April 2020

We were referred to Rose by a trusted yoga teacher and educator who thought highly of her skills and knowledge of anatomy.  Rose quickly adapted to our lives and individual needs and introduced Foundation Training to us.  We have since learned new and valuable approaches to core strength and back health.


Rose’s comprehensive education as Yoga Teacher,  Deep Tissue Massage Ball Therapist and Foundation Trainer provides her with a unique set of skills unlike any instructor we have ever known.  We have and continue to benefit so much from Rose’s knowledgeable approach to therapeutic body work.  She has helped us through sports injuries, chronic pain from old injuries and plain old aches and pains from body misalignment. 


She is truly a gifted and compassionate teacher who is serious about her instruction yet so lighthearted and funny.  Anyone could benefit from Rose’s instruction and guidance!



  Yolanda - April 21st 2020 Los Angeles

Yolanda Los Angeles April 2020



I feel two inches taller because my posture has improved so much.

This in turn has given me more confidence and a new feeling of assertiveness.


Rose is a focused and skilled teacher.

I learned to use my larger muscles to hold up my frame more efficiently.

The exercises are simple to execute but have a profound impact.


Nancy, Burbank CA

A friend and I have been taking private Foundation Training classes with Rose for the last couple of months, and it has been a game changer for me in terms of how my body feels.

The improvement in my chronic neck and shoulder pain and in my problematic feet and ankles is amazing.

Rose is an excellent teacher who is able to adapt the way she teaches to the individual client. For example, in our private sessions my friend usually understands the mechanics of the pose Rose is teaching immediately, but I often need additional descriptions that paint more of a visual picture of the movement.

Rose is completely understanding of this and has an amazing gift for finding the right words.

She’s a kind, delightful, and extremely knowledgeable teacher. I recommend her so highly!


Jean B. Los Angeles

Private group client

I was diagnosed with chondromalacia on my right knee, after I had to get an MRI from a dog bite I suffered on my left knee. Both knees were in a lot of pain, to say the least. And I was finding it extremely hard to do any kind of exercise. Until I heard about foundation training and thankfully found Rose. I've only been working with her for the past two months and I have seen noticeable improvements in my muscle strength and posture. She designed our training sessions to accommodate my knee issues, and I can say that the pain has decreased and my body has gotten smarter in the way it carries itself - if that makes any sense. She is so knowledgeable about anatomy and how to take care of the muscles that lift and support each joint and bone. Plus she is an absolute joy to work with. I am so grateful to her and all the ways she has helped me and inspired me to move my body. After each session with her I feel an inch taller and my knees and feet feel so much better. I highly recommend her as a trainer to anyone who is dealing with an injury, or just anyone who wants to experience strength and proper body alignment. Thank you, Rose!


Roberta V. Los Angeles

Private client

Hi Rose! I just saw my osteopathic doctor that does manipulative treatments on my back.

She said that today my back feels much better than normal and don’t have any of my lumbar vertebrae out of place like I normally do and everything stiff and locked is localized to the SI joint area and pelvis. She said the Piriformis feels good!

She said I must be doing something right.

Jessica C. Chatsworth, CA.

Basic Foundation training and self care practices

thank you so much for all that you do for us in class and just being a wonderful, giving person! i had a nasty headache and body pain at work today. when i got home i laid like warm pizza dough on my balls, slowly up and down my back, and then did some other moves we do in class. the whole time i just kept thinking, "thank you rose, this is saving me..." i feel miles better now and i know it's all to do with the self healing you've taught me.

Therapy Ball Class, Yoga Blend. Burbank

Minda W.

I’ve had the pleasure of working privately with Rose for over seven months.

Rose is a very rare and precious being: a born teacher. Incredibly attentive,

her focus is on me, and what I need the moment I walk in the door. She is able to describe things

in a way that I can easily and quickly grasp, and she has so much passion for what

she does that it is contagious. I always leave inspired and energized.

Our main work together has been in Foundation Training, but she has so many tools in her toolbox,

that she knows just when to suggest a subtle change in a position, or an exercise

from another discipline that might work better in the moment.

An incredibly compassionate and warm person, Rose's understanding of others suffering may come from

having worked with her own body pain for so many years, but she also strikes me as just naturally that way.

A super bonus of working with Rose Moran is that you will have made a very wonderful friend.

Jill Freeman

Los Angeles, CA. Jan 2018

Foundation Training Basics is an excellent workshop to take. Personally, it was eye-opening to realize how parts of my body are simply in pain because of not using my muscles as they are designed to function. The concepts presented in the hand-out are movements we can easily practice at home and even at work while sitting at a desk :)  This workshop helped me to understand that with awareness, I can begin to heal myself from minor back-pain and ultimately grow to make myself stronger. I intend to make it a daily practice to observe my posture and movements to improve my overall alignment. Rose, you are a great inspiration on how we can work to improve our physical and mental health through mindful movement, thank you!

Komal Patel

Los Angles, CA. 2017

For the past six months, I’ve been taking weekly private sessions with Rose Moran — customized classes combining Foundation Training, yoga and core strengthening exercises. 


Rose offered to specify a private class to meet my health needs — a cool room, no pressure points on my veins damaged from my autoimmune disease, etc.  And because Rose is a self-proclaimed “anatomy geek,” her knowledge of the human body is outstanding.


At my first private session, Rose told me we were going to learn together.  She said she had never taught someone like me who is in severe chronic pain and has so many triggers that can set off an immune system attack, but she was confident that if I communicated to her what did and didn’t work, we would come up with a good exercise routine together.


Rose also told me not to feel self-conscious or worried about messing up, to just think of our sessions as being two friends exercising together and hanging out.  That immediately relaxed me and she was absolutely right — every time we exercise together it is full of giggles and joy.  I so look forward to our weekly sessions together.


 Rose watches every single minuscule muscle twinge like a hawk, making sure that I’m always in perfect postural alignment.


I feel so much stronger and so much more comfortable in my body since taking private classes with Rose.  I immediately felt my muscles start to firm — after only the first session.  Plus I stand taller and with so much more confidence — it’s amazing the difference it makes to straighten my spine and raise my chest, standing as tall and powerful as can be.


Rose has focused a lot of exercises on increasing my circulation in order to heal damage from my autoimmune disease.  And I definitely feel it working. I’ve increasingly felt able to do more in my daily life.


Rose has also created a comprehensive list of exercises designed specifically for my particular health needs that I do in between my weekly sessions with her.  And I love that she’s given that list to me so that I can now safely practice at home love knowing that Rose cares about my health and well-being on the six days of the week between our classes. 



Brijanna Prooker

Los Angles, CA, Dec 2017

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