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Why Foundation Training?

Esalen May 2016

I had heard about Foundation Training from a friend who had tried it to help ease her back pain. She had great results and became a trainer. So I attended the five day Foundation Training, pain management course at Esalen, CA in 2016, with Eric Goodman and his team. It was so eye opening and inspiring...about 20 people came to this course, all types of people, all ages and sizes, but the one thing these people had in common was pain. The pain varied: from bottoms of feet to sore hips to lower backs, some with neck and shoulder pain like myself, and quite a few people felt chronic pain most the time. I couldn’t believe the transformation happening right in front of me over just five days. People began to walk taller, they began to smile, and there seemed to be a look of hope on people’s faces as if they had just found something they were missing. I was truly inspired to watch Eric and his team working with us, teaching, tailoring the positions to each individual person, helping us heal ourselves. So I, like my friend, came away with my pain so greatly improved I wanted to add this movement modality to my practice. My goal is to help people get well, feel well, and live well.


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