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Ten minute comfort soup... delish!

Today I made potato and leek soup...I love it. I used what I had, white yam instead of potato they are a more complex carbohydrate. I used 1 1/2 yams 1 1/2 leeks, the white bit and a bit of the green.

I covered and boiled the yams in 1/2 vegetable stock 1/2 water, added 1 teasp'n thyme, 1 teaspn oregano and 1/2 teasp'n curry powder for 12 minutes.

I cooked the leeks in the fry pan slowly on low heat with butter and olive oil. Waited until they cooled and lightly blended. YUM SCRUM!!!

Food all served up by Rose Moran the Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Ball Therapy Instructor
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