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September 26, 2016

I had heard about Foundation Training from a friend who had tried it  to help ease her back pain. She had great results and became a trainer.
So I attended the five day Foundation Training, pain management course at Esalen, CA in 2016, with Eric Goodman and his team. I...

February 10, 2016


Polenta used to be considered peasant food, but not when cooked like this.
Polenta is a low carbohydrate food rich in vitamin A and C making it a good source of the caroteinoids, lutein and zeaxanthin.
These polenta fries are so satisfying parents and kids will love t...

January 5, 2016


Tortilla soup is simple, quick and clean. I use organic ingredients when possible. Cilantro gives this soup it's authentic mexican flavor and the chili warms your tummy up. Can be made the day before so the flavors are matured.



  • I small onion, chopped

  • ...

November 19, 2015


You can make this side dish in a few minutes, One cup green beans, one cup snap peas (remove string) steam for 3 minutes, lightly toast cashews, lightly stir-fry leek. One teaspoon cumin & one teaspoon corriander, juice of one orange

 Once beans and peas are steamed pl...

October 20, 2015

This dish is so quick and very delicious. I made the gluten free pasta yesterday, the brand is Ronzoni, boil time 12 minutes.

When the pasta was cooked, I drained it, tossed in some olive oil, fresh basil & parsley and a little butter. Sealed it in the fridge. Being pr...

October 11, 2015


Get prepared! To make this delicious meal in 10 minutes, you need to get organized.


Make a batch of brown rice when you have time. I recommend short grain for its plumpness.

I used BBQ pork loin but you can use rotisserie chicken, bacon, salami use your imagination.