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Rose specializes in helping you with your gut and digestive problems. Finding the cause is the first step to resolving the symptoms.

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you need ideas to satisfying cravings? This program is for people wanting to increase their energy for family, for work, for overall happiness. 


Why suffer with acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, gas, pain, and bloating? Lets get these I.B.S Symptoms under control. Get back your quality of life.


This program is not for people wanting a quick fix or a magic pill. Healing takes time, dedication and exploration.

Using hypnosis together with heath coaching information Rose worked with Barbara to help her acheive her goals. 

Barbara successfully lost 15lbs through a weight-loss hypnosis program with Rose. Now that she has new skills and information, she is excited to continue a healthy lifestyle where she feels amazing.

My program will inspire you to get back in the kitchen and enjoy the vanishing art of cooking. The whole family can benefit from you choosing health.

Healthy, nutritious food does not have to be boring.



"I suffered from bad acid reflux. I had bottles of ant-acids stashed all around my house and my office. I do not like taking pills and I truly believe many of our problematic ailments can be solved through diet rather than medication and when it comes to living healthy and happy, a recommendation from Rose carries a lot of weight in my opinion. I immediately went on a gluten free diet and sure enough, my heart burn went away.  I’ve been gluten free and heart burn free for over a year now.  Thank you Rose!" - Chris, Long Beach. CA.

I had very steadily gained 10-15 pounds over ten years. I tried and tried to get the weight off, but ended up gaining more!

Then I found Rose... From the very beginning, the support and enthusiasm I received from Rose, was so sweet. Her genuine interest and questions for me, was touching. Rose is full of tips and little sayings, that I will always be thankful for. These tips were personalized to me and my lifestyle. She is a wonderful listener and committed in her efforts to improve my life. Rose has changed my lifestyle and greatly improved both my physical and spiritual health.  At the end of our time together, I had gained knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life. - Deb, Michigan. USA

Rose moran yaga and the people she's helped

A Health Coach is a mentor who motivates you to achieve your wellness goals.


Working together twice a month by phone, skype or in person we uncover what's holding you back from your individual goal, that may be a weight loss, solving digestive problems like acid reflux, stabilizing blood sugar, satisfying cravings or increasing overall energy and happiness.

Helping clients in Los Angeles and worldwide 


Face to face meeting
In San Fernando Valley, (California) and nearby areas
Skype meeting
Anywhere in the world.
Phone meeting
Anywhere in the world.

Transparent pricing


30 min discovery consultation -


After the initial discovery consultation we will create a health coaching program tailored to fit with your lifestyle.                                                             Ask me if you wish to extend this meeting an hour for a $50 fee. This might give you the time you need to decide what is best for you

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Rose Moran is a highly experienced health and fitness professional  

Certified as a Health Coach by Institute for Intergrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school.
Rose is also a practicing yoga instructor, Therapy Ball practitioner.  Fondation training student teacher. Offering private classes or group classes.
Rose Moran Yoga head shot


What is health coaching?

Year of production: 2015

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In the short video Rose explains what health coaching is. 

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So what are you waiting for? 
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