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Cooking demonstrations, recipes and food inspiration videos

Get inspired to heal your body and mind starting with nutritious fresh food. Most recipes are gluten free and paleo. All recipes can be made at home.

#10 Spiced Polenta Steak Fries

so satisfying parents & kids will love them.


#7 Cashew Nut and Greens

simple stir-fry style meal for main or side


#4 Frittata Muffins

Great for breakfast lunch or dinner.


#9 Tortilla Chicken Soup

Simple, quick and clean.


#6 Brown Rice Risotto 

with pork & portobello mushrooms.


#3 Beets (Beetroot)

flavoured with simple ingredients.


#8 Hungry For Chocolate

Try These Healthy Chocolate Nut Treats.


#5 Breakfast Smoothie

made in a NutriBullet, tastes like desert.


#2 Salmon

shallow fired in coconut oil.


#1 Kale Chips

with garlic and maple syrup.


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