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Foundation Training Workshop


Rose presents regular foundation training workshops and can tailor a workshop for groups of 3 upward.

Workshops typically include the basics of Foundation training

1. Decompression of the spine, utilizing the the bodies natural ability to lift the rib-cage making space for vertebral discs and the roots of the nervous system.


2. Anchoring of the the hips. Located at the bodies center of movement, these postures awaken of the role of the adductor group of muscles, anchoring restores a strong and stable center of gravity.


The integration of these two principles allows the body to move back to natural postural alignment, which yields complete body health benefits.

Participants leave workshops with:

1. A handout of the decompression exercises learned.

2. A new understanding of the potential you have to re-educate your posture.

3. An exciting physical corrective challenge, to practice.

Rose Moran doing Foundation Training
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