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Foundation Training Now available in Chatsworth CA.

Hypnosis now available in Chatsworth CA.

Do you want to enhance athletic performance? Get greater mobility? Sessions are Tailored for those suffering or recovering from back injury.

Do you need to break a bad habit or old behavior? Hypnosis for weight Loss, Confidence, Quit Smoking and pain reduction.

Rose is now a Certified Consulting Hypnotist

I believe in the mind-body connection, and as a trained hypnotist, I can help you break free from unwanted habits that hold you back.

My office is in Chatsworth, California and we also offer virtual hypnosis services to clients anywhere in the United States.


I am delighted to share my positive testimony about Rose, an amazing foundation training coach. Her dedication and commitment to her clients are unparalleled, and her personalized approach to exercise and instruction is truly remarkable.

As a physician who has faced numerous injuries and worked with many movement coaches, I can confidently say that Rose is a true healer. From the moment I met her, she made me feel welcome and comfortable, taking the time to understand my unique needs and crafting a tailored plan to address my pain and posture patterns.

With Rose's guidance and expertise, I have already seen significant improvement in my overall health and well-being.


Her foundation training exercises and other recommendations have been instrumental in not only improving my flexibility and mobility but also in significantly reducing my pain levels.


Client Testimonial - Carolina Batista M.D MPH

I have been a Pilates teacher for 30 years, and after noticing positive changes in one of my long-time clients, I went to Rose to learn more about Foundation Training.


I joined my client for a class and was impressed with both the work and Rose's exceptional teaching. Rose challenges me while ensuring that I am not putting myself at risk. Her deep knowledge of the body makes me feel safe, and I trust my body with her.


Foundation Training challenges my balance while strengthening my entire body and opening and relaxing my upper body. Each session leaves me feeling centered, stretched, and strengthened. Rose is intuitive and listens well to her clients' needs, and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Andrea, Studio City, CA May 2020

Image of Rose Moran, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Ball Therapy Instructor

Rose Moran - Wellness Expert

Yoga Teacher, Health Coach & Hypnotist


  • Hypnotist - Master Hypnosis SocietyCertified

  • Foundation Training Certified Coach

  • Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Yoga Tune Up® Certified Teacher

  • Thai Yoga Masseur - taught by Phoebe Diftler 

  • Yoga Teacher - White Lotus Foundation

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