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Foundation Training, classical yoga, Yoga Tune Up® and self massage.

With 13 years teaching and a love of anatomy, I believe we can heal ourselves with mindful movement, taking our body from pain to performance. I work with clients wanting to enhance their yoga practice or athletic performance and with clients who have greater mobility challenges such as back and shoulder injury.



 BACK AND BELLY - 4pm - 5:15pm Tuesdays

At Yoga Blend in Burbank, CA

 Rose will guide you safely and gently toward re-building and re-balancing the core muscles of the body.


This class will integrate movement and breath in ways that will help you improve your core awareness, posture, spine-health, and overall stability.


 We will focus on the strongest muscles of the body, including the posterior chain, the adductor group and gluteals (for stronger hip movement)

Using the principles of foundation training you can discover greater understanding of the support system for thoracic expansion and flexibility.


Note that improved abdominal support can also assist in digestion and pelvic floor health.

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Yoga Blend, Burbank, CA 91505


Weekly Group Classes

Offering Yoga, and Therapy Ball group classes.

At Yoga Blend, Burbank CA 91505


Support Your Spine was eye-opening ...  This workshop helped me to understand that with awareness, I can begin to heal myself from minor back-pain and ultimately grow to make myself stronger ... Rose, you are a great inspiration. Thank-you

Komal Patel

Los Angles, CA

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Self Care and Movement


My workshops are designed to help people live better in their bodies. I keep it simple, fun and informative.


Both privately or in group class. Rose helps her clients achieve long lasting wellness goals.

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Rose is also a yoga instructor and Yoga Tune Up® (Therapy ball) practitioner.